Find Your Style


If you prefer the classic style with straight legs and clean cuts we can highly recommend our FAS® garments. Outstanding when it comes to durability in comfortable 100% cotton. You find everything from shorts to bib´n´braces and jackets. Or combine a pair of original FAS® craftsman trousers with a jacket with pile lining and a classic flanel shirt.


For you who want a modern look with more fitted design you can for exempel go with our collection in CYD or choose a pair of stretch craftsman trousers with slightly lower waist and narrower legs. Combine with a t-shirt in functional material and a nice sweatshirt.


We have garments specially developed and tested for you working as a painter. The right functions and pockets in combination with comfortable, durable and absorbant cotton material. Combine with garments from our other collections for exemple with t-shirts, jacket and sweatshirts from our Acode assortment.


At larger construction site it can be of great importance that you are clearly visible. Many craftsmen choose to wear high-vis. You can easily combine a pair of high-vis craftsman trousers class 1 with a high-vis t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket class 3 to reach the highest stafety class.


We have expanded our range of craftsman trousers with stretch. Choose between our craftsman jeans in denim stretch or our craftsman trousers with stretch panels in three different models. Full length, shorts or pirate trousers. For you in need of enhanced visibility at your work site we also have high-vis craftsman trousers with stretch panels in both class 1 and 2.


Toolbelts have many advantages. For example it can be worn with any garment, regardless of weather and season. And it is easy to take off when you do not need the tools. Combine a pair of crafsman trousers without the loose hanging pockets with any of our SNIKKI tollbelts. Choose between ready to wear belts for your occupation or put together your own in leather or lightweight material.